Laboratory equipment

The department has two computer labs (one of which is presented by "SAMSUNG"), which comprise a total of 36 brands of computers Celeron. In computer laboratory classes on modeling of energy processes on such subjects as "thermal processes and settings", "heat sources", "How to optimize thermal power processes", "CAD systems and energy facilities" and others. Classes are provided with the necessary specialized software products, most of which were developed directly by the Department of TPT.


Students have the opportunity to consolidate the theoretical knowledge of the course "Heat and Mass Transfer" in the course of practical experiments in the laboratory study of heat mass transfer, which has to its credit 8 laboratory facilities. Subjects laboratory work covers most of the above sections of the course, which significantly contributes to the absorption of the base material.


The department is equipped teaching laboratories of drying and heat exchange units, which are studied in specialty majors and study which provides basic training base engineer and allows young professionals working in all industries.


The knowledge gained from the course "Technical Thermodynamics", which is one of the main sections of the theoretical foundations of heat, students can fix in functioning at the Department of Educational Laboratory of Thermodynamics, which has to its credit 7 laboratory facilities.


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